The Travel Trip To McDowell

Hello today I will be posting about our trip to the McDowell Exchange school at Logan Elm. I hope you enjoy. Also comment what you thought of the trip.

We left Salt Creek Intermediate at 11:00 in the morning. The whole way to McDowell me and my buddies were really excited to finally see the McDowell school. When we got there I was full of excitement. I really wanted to visit the language arts teacher to ask her if she has ever read the Harry Potter series. So when we got to her class I ask her and she said that she was on the fourth book right now!

As the day went on I had a great time. Math class sounds really fun but there is going to be another teacher so I am curios who the teacher will be and if she’s nice. Social Studies sounds ok because it sounds like there will be a lot of reports. What I am excited about is that the teacher said that we will be doing lots of group stuff.

Language arts seems really fun. The most exciting thing is that you have to read at least 20 min. out of the school every day! I know I will be reading a lot more than that. The only downfall is that you have to take a test to find out what your reading level is. Also I wish that the library was more full of books than computers. Science seems pretty good. The way the teacher expressed herself made it really interesting.  Also she showed us a phew labs that were presentations on Google Docs. They looked really fun. Next she told us some of the labs that the seventh graders did this year. The Roller Coaster lab sounds like the funnest lab there! Also there was one on display that worked. It was really cool because the theme made it look like the Coaster was under construction.

I never buy lunch but the cafeteria food there smells really good. I like tater tots so my buddy gave me one and it was DELICIOUS! Also the cafeteria was big so everybody could fit. I have only seen round tables in movies and there were round tables there! I made sure that I sat at a round table.

The High School band was amazing. The played the song Let It Go and it was played to perfection. I don’t do band but I like to listen to the bands. Also the High School choir was awesome. That made me want to do choir. The harmonies were excellent. The guys were singing in a low voice and the girls matched it but with a high voice. Now I will talk about the art teacher. She was really funny because when it was time to go back to the auditorium she was freaking about because she thought she had more time. I think I will really get along with the art teacher.

As you can tell I really am looking forward to going to McDowell. All the the teachers seem amazing and really looking forward to having us too. Please comment what you thought of McDowell. Also tune in for the next topic.

D.A.R.E. Essay


D.A.R.E.   ESSAY                                         Colton Mace

Hello today I will be telling you about D.A.R.E. and what is most important to me. Please take your time reading or listening to this. After listening or reading this I hope that you will be drug free.

To me being drug free is really important because many many  people die from drugs in just one year. Actually 75,000 people die from smoking in a year and 400,000 people die from chewing tobacco in a year. Smoking could cause lung cancer which could easily kill you, also if you chew tobacco you will have bad teeth and really bad breath. The thing is that smoking and chewing tobacco are only gate way drugs. That means that they are the drugs that get people started and make them want to get into more drugs.

Also I think that avoiding violence is very important because if you don’t you could get really hurt. Avoiding violence is a very important thing in life. In serious cases of violence you could get killed. So stay away from violence!

All of these are important because in the two cases above you could possibly get killed. So avoid violence and stay drug free. I also pledge that I will stay away from any type of drug and violence.

D.A.R.E. Where We Learn NOT To Do Drugs



Today I will be talking to you about D.A.R.E..  D.A.R.E.’s actual meaning is Drug Abuse Resistance Education. So you can probably guess what we talk about in D.A.R.E..  So keep reading and I will tell you some of the fun activities that we do in D.A.R.E.. Also I will tell you what my favorite thing that we did in D.A.R.E was.  So keep reading to find all of this stuff out.

The most memorable thing that we did in D.A.R.E. was probably when we got to try on the pair of goggles that makes everything look blurry. It was supposed to show you how you see when your drunk. It actually worked too! That is memorable to me because I was the very first person to catch the tennis ball in my class. Actually  only 7 of us caught the ball.

Something that I learned in D.A.R.E. was that kids used to pretend to smoke bubblegum cigars or pretend that they were chewing tobacco with Big League Chew bubblegum.I always thought that people just chewed bubble like you’re supposed too. Also I learned that only 15% of teenagers do drugs. I thought that about 30% of teenagers did drugs. I thought that the number would be kind of low but not that low!

Finally the thing that I will always remember about D.A.R.E. is that over 75,000 deaths are drug related per year. That is a number that I will always remember. I hope you liked my post. Tune in next time to read about the next topic.

Collage Basketball Gods

Lady Huskies!

Lady Huskies!



Men Huskies!

Men Huskies!




Hello today I will be talking about a collage that was built to play basketball. Both teams come from the same collage. There is the men’s team and the woman’s. I think you know what collage I am talking about but if you don’t I am talking about Connecticut!

” Wow they did it again! ” is what the sports announcer said. ” 7 times in a row the lady huskies  have taken home the trophy. ”  I was so astonished to here that the lady huskies have one the women’s national title again. I thought for sure that they were going to lose this time. I thought that their streak was going to come to an end. I knew that they were good but I knew that had to fall sometime.

” Oh my gosh Connecticut beat Kentucky, Connecticut beat Kentucky! ” I was chanting at my dad. He told me that Kentucky would cream Connecticut but I told him the exact opposite.  I was 100% sure that Connecticut was going to beat Kentucky. I only had Connecticut going to the Top 32 but I still knew that Connecticut was going to beat Kentucky.

After both of the Connecticut teams won I thought I I was going to call them The Collage Basketball GODS!    Do you thin that was a good name? Well I do so I will always remember them as the Collage Basketball gods!

Conor is the Best Character Ever


The Amazing Book!

The Amazing Book!









In the book Airman by Eoin Colfor my favorite character is Conor. Conor is a very intelligent and well thought out boy. He really likes high places and hopes that he can build a glider someday. The reason why he is my favorite character out of all of the books I have read is because he is really similar to me. In the book it explains how whenever Conor has free time he always creates a drawing of a glider. That is similar to me. When I go to work with my mom I usually draw a picture of an airplane or I try to make a different kind of paper airplane. That is only one example too.


Also Conor would love to make and fly an airplane. That has always been Conor’s dream. When I grow up I would love to be a pilot and get to fly an actual plane. That has been my dream for so long that I can’t even remember how long I have had that dream. Conor also loves to read. If you ask him a question he can raddle off the answer before you could say Hippopotamus!

One of my favorite hobbies is to read too. I am not bragging but I am very book smart. I am not as smart as Conor but I am pretty smart. I hope you enjoyed my post! Tune in next week for another post!  8-)

Success Is Everything

I think that being successful is very important in life.  If I’m not successful in life then I won’t be working where I want to work. If I am successful then I could do whatever I want with my life. I could work at the place that I would be happy at. I think that being successful is everything. It can make or break my future.

Today in this blog post I will talk about how being successful is sometimes interrupted by fear. I will talk about the song Monster by: Eminem featuring Rhianna,  the song Let it Go by: Idina Menzel, two videos, a self experience, and how all of those relate.

In the song Monster, Eminem’s fear is holding him back from being successful. Eminem has always wanted to be a successful singer and song writer, although his shyness is holding him back. Eminem wanted to be famous but he did  not want to be seen everywhere therefore if Eminem wasn’t shy then he would want all the fame, he would want to be known all around the globe as soon as he released is first song. Although Eminem did become a successful singer and song writer like hoped to be.

Now in the song Let it Go a girl had to keep something in that was not making her successful. That is why that in the song it is saying let it go. If she lets it go then she will be free and successful at what ever she wants to do. She wants to be good at what she wants to do but what ever that fear is it is holding her back. When she lets it go she is free and doing what she is likes or what she is good at.

In languages arts I watched a video about being successful and how you want to be successful. To me it explained that you have to want to be successful as much as you want to live. It told me that playing basketball,  soccer or any sport isn’t as important as being successful is. This video helped me become a better writer. I don’t know about you but I will  always keep this video in mind during school.

Now during my weekend sometimes I like to watch a YouTube video. Actually a particular video every time. It is a video about how Lebron James and Kevin Durant are successful. In the video it shows Lebron and Kevin practicing for basketball. While they practice a story is being told in the background about how you have to want to be successful. When the story is over it shows pictures of the Miami Heat holding the NBA championship trophy. What it is trying to tell you is that if you work hard you will become successful.

Now here is a life accomplishment and how I was successful although I was scared.  About a couple years ago I had a trampoline and all I was able to do was jump, so I went and asked my dad if he could help me learn a front flip. My dad said ” sure, Ill help you learn a front flip.” So we went and he helped me through the motions and my dad said ” OK you have the motions down so try it and see how it feels.” I was so scared. I told my dad that I couldn’t do it, and he said” Colton you have to believe in yourself.” I took in the words he said and I kept repeating “I can do it.” All the sudden I decided to lean froward and I did it! My dad said “see all you had to do was believe in yourself.” That was how I over came my fear and was successful.

All of these things come together because they are all of being successful. One major thing that they all have in common is that they all mention you have to want to be successful. It might not say it in words but if you really take the time to read them you will understand what I mean. Also they mention that if you want to be successful you have to work really hard at it.

I always tell myself that” Success is Everything“If I want to do something I put all of my effort into it. I sometimes ask myself this question, ” Colton, do you want to be successful?” My answer is always YES!

The Final Fire Was The Best

Split Rock!

Split Rock!





Hello today I will be talking about my amazing time at Camp Oty Okwa!  I hope you enjoy.

This was a very special 6 grade camp for me.  I thought it was going to be awesome but I was wrong. It was a very very amazingly wonderful time. Every thing made it special. The caves, hikes, split rock, all of it just made this camp special for me.

At camp I really liked the finial fire. Everybody did an excellent job on their skits! The skits were very humorous and awesome. Everybody was working together and doing a good job to make the skits successful.  Even the camp members were really funny! Mr.McDonald was the funniest adult there I think.

My favorite thing about camp was the Finial Fire because I liked laughing and acting in the skits. I also think that Mr. McDonald and his sidekick will never be beaten in the nursery rhyme battle. That brings up a good point. The teachers in the skits were really funny like when Mr.McGuire was the guest in one of the skits. We should give the teachers a pat on the back for doing an excellent job in the skits.  My favorite skit was WEE! What was yours?

When I get older I am going to remember split rock because I have never seen little paths or big broken up rocks that are perfect for people to walk through. I have seen big broken up rocks before but not with little paths through them.  Split rock is something I will be telling my kids and my grand kids about.

I hope you liked learning about what my favorite thing at camp was!

My Favorite Genre

Those are just some genres!

Those are just some genres!







Hello today I will be talking about my favorite genre.  My favorite genre is action fantasy because I like action packed books with a little bit of fantasy in it.  My favorite action and fantasy story is the Harry Potter series by J.k. Rowling. In this amazing book there is a lot of action.  The whole story is fantasy. Keep reading bellow to find out more!

In the Harry Potter series there is a lot of action. When Harry was facing a troll the scene was very action packed. It gave a lot of good and great words to explain what was going on. The book has a lot of parts where your mom will have to tell you to put the book down and play video games. That is how action packed Harry Potter is!

Harry Potter is also fantasy because it involves magic. Although it’s not real it makes the whole series interesting. I would give you an example about a fantasy part but I would be telling you the whole book. This book is the best action and fantasy book I have ever read!

The reason I chose Harry Potter for an example is because I have read the whole series. If the books weren’t action packed the I would have only read the first one. Although this series is action and fantasy all the way until the end. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite genre. Also comment your favorite genres below!

A Book That Every Guy Should Read

Hello, today I’ll be giving you a book that every guy should read. This book is very action packed and a grand slam reader. I hope you take interest into this book.

The book I am writing about today is The Lighting Thief by Rick Riordan. The Lightning Thief is about a kid who is Half-Blooded and his dad is the god of water. Percy doesn’t know it yet though. Percy only lives with his mom and her boyfriend Gabe. But very soon Percy will find out.

This book will take you on so many adventures. It feels like you have a little t.v. in your head picturing every move. Like whenever Percy fights a Gigantic Bull or when he faces Giant Dragons. There is so many good reasons you should read this book.

So if you think you would like to read this book go to the book room and look for The Lightning Thief  by Rick Riordan!

My Thoughts On Social Media

Hello guys. Today I will be giving my opinion about social media and how I am building my brand. I hope you like it!

Recently U.K  basketball players have been getting bad comments on social media. Other coaches are telling their team not to have social media because that can happen.  Although John Calipari said that he thinks that his player’s should have social media. He said that he post stuff about the team that they should know.

I 100% agree with John because I think that players need to have some social time and because they can learn off of it. When John post a picture, tweets something or puts something on Facebook it is normally about basketball. His players could see the good criticism and see that they need to do whatever it is every game. They could also see the bad criticism and see what they need to improve on.

Now here is how I am building my brand as a writer. At the beginning of the school year we had to write a blog post. My post was only 3 paragraphs and only about 200 words. I keep writing more and more as the school year goes on. Like when we wrote about bullying, I had 11 paragraphs and almost 800 words. I keep building my brand as writer just like that. I hope you liked my thoughts on social media and how I am building my brand. Have a wonderful day!